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About School

Welcome To JS Paramount

A vision to build, propel and redesign the academia by rethinking – time, talent and technology so that it works for every student, every day’.

It’s about understanding right from wrong and having the current and comprehensive knowledge required to stay afloat in today’s society. Therefore, JS Paramount helps the children to develop a perception on the world around and push their thinking both innovatively and conceptually in many subject areas.

More About

Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.

School Life

We have always heard that school life is the best life, enjoy yourself till you are in school.


Athletics is a collection of sporting events that involve competitive running, jumping, throwing, and walking.


Living organisms including humans are social when they live collectively in interacting populations.

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  • 10+ National Awards
  • 48+ Best Teachers
  • 4000+ Students Enrolled

We are the Best

Our school has its own magnificent building spread over a plot of land measuring 15 acres, having spacious, well-ventilated and functionally well-designed rooms.

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Why Us

Being a part of JS Paramount means living on a shared commitment to academic excellence, intellectual growth, arts, athletics, high standards of principled awareness, sportsmanship, and community service. The school boasts of its rich heritage and varied culture. Perceptiveness and multiplicity are added to each student’s life by the school’s traditions and accessibility to an inclusive curriculum.

Our Mission

To infuse its students with high standards of academic scholarship, veracity, leadership, and responsible global citizenship by providing an innocuous and therapeutic environment.

Keeping its students abreast with the latest trends of teaching methodologies along with traditional values indispensable for holistic development.

Our Vision

To pay particular attention to:

  • To prepare students in sports as per olymics standards.
  • Directing and exercising the emotions and develop emotional intelligence.
  • Encouraging clear thinking and discrimination.
  • Developing an interest in the process and resources of learning, how to learn.
  • Fostering capacity to tackle a problem.


To develop fluency in the use of English language; to foster enjoyment of all the processes of communication: oral, written and visual.To recognize and to encourage talent of all kinds and of all degrees.